Brabus KTM

Well I just seen this tonight and was initially excited.

On closer inspection though its a bit ugly, overpriced and not tuned at all! Seriously? Brabus are ment to turn fast stuff into ridiculous stuff no? I hate this stuff, nearly as bad as the James Bond triumphs ffs. Its just a Superduke with a tarts dress on… well I say ‘just’ a Superduke, its still f’ing awsome :smile:


It is ugly to me and actually not as “bonkers” looking as a standard Superduke which is a look I like!

I’d suffer one to be in me garage if they were giving them away… But that’s true of any motorcycle! :grin:

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I’d suffer one in my garage long enough to find a buyer … and I’d then go out and get another (OLD) Triumph!

I’ve no doubt KTM (et al) are VERY capable machines but I find the “praying mantis” styling is the wrong side of marmite for me. Each to their own, though. :slightly_smiling_face:


49.300,00 EUR… :grimacing:

Bargain!!! :smiley:

Thats what annoys me though, its only body work. Brabus are known for mental tuning, its totally stock in that regard.

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