Breakfast at cafe moto

Having breakfast at cafe moto inside A1 Moto the Triumph dealership in York.

Hadn’t realised my nearest Yamaha dealer was across the road the Yam is getting the 6000 mile one done but they don’t have the cafe! :grinning:

May as well book the Tiger in for its 18000 miler!


No platter piccys… you know we want to see the bacon! :drooling_face:

Sorry I ate it all before posting!

Here’s my second cup of coffee :joy:

With your appetite Steve I’m surprised you didn’t order a second breakfast just so you could give us a picture. :rofl:

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Well on form there Andy :joy:

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This is the new colour Triumph have recently introduced on the Trident and Street Triple


Somehow seems to look better on the triple

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Nice but why oh why Triumph did you finish it in matt :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Finally a really nice colour on a roadster and they feck it up. Really pisses me off that, really REALLY pisses me off!


Have to agree Andy, and it looks even more matt in the flesh!

Pity about the Matt finish cause I like the colour.

Practicalities aside, just imagine how lush it would look with a nice deep gloss shine, what a gorgeous colour… close but no cigar.


Yes to the brighter colour (although not so much on the Trident) but a deep, glossy paint like the finish on the Speed Triple RR would be utterly perfect!