Brekkie up the Peaks?

Well, a reasonable looking forecast for Sunday, so unless I need to go under one of the cars urgently, I think I’m past due for a ride into Derbyshire and a bit of nosh. Not normally a weekender but there we are. Anyone interested, get in touch. I normally go to Cobbles in Longnor* for a bacon and cheese oatcake, but not too fussed if anyone wants to join up and suggest somewhere else. :slightly_smiling_face:

*For the pedants among us-I know I said I’m going up Derbyshire, and Longnor is in Staffs :smile:


I’m not sure we’re going to be free on Sunday but I’ll let you know if the wind changes.

Cheese oatcake? That rings a bell on a ride we once did.

Likely. I think we met in Longnor for breakfast, and cruised round to Monsal Head for some rather yummy ice cream. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I remember that ride out. Ice cream was the order for the afternoon :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure if I can make Sunday, I will let you know.

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I’d like to attend but unfortunately I’m a bit laid up with ascites again.

Hope you’re feeling better and on your bike again soon, Andy.

Look after yourself then mate. Maybe l’ll have a bacon and sausage buttie and dedicate it to you :grin:



You just don’t get quallity photography like that on Instagram. :grin:


You should have seen it before I Photoshopped it…

That’s very good of you. I really couldn’t face a bacon and sausage butty at the moment so you go ahead and don’t forget the sauce. Oh and by the way, is that the posh way of spelling butty ? With “ie” at the end ?