Bridge House Farm bike meet, Wray

As our own bike night was a wash-out on Wednesday, I decided to go over to the caravan a day early so that I could go to the first bike meet at Wray - a village roughly half way between Lancaster and Ingleton.

Thought it would be worth calling in on my way over to check it was actually on and happily discovered it runs from 2.00 in the afternoon.

A bit more than I was expecting, they had a Blood bike stand, Ducati stand and the Japanese Vintage Motorcycle Club were there. They had a beer tent, BBQ in addition to an excellent cafe.

A good mix of new and old bikes - even found a mate for the Transalp :sunglasses:


The Triton was there last time I went. Lovely thing :heart:


A Triton comes to some of the ones we go to in the summer months; lovely bikes. The rider that brings it also does full retro leathers and helmet so the whole effect is very stylish :slightly_smiling_face:.

It looks like there were some interesting bikes there @stevelovatt


Yes there were a few more classic bikes there, two Commandos and a couple of BSAs. Not a bad turnout for the first one - I expect it’s heaving on a summer’s day


Yes it is! Been a few times on a summer evening and it’s packed, huge queue for food and bikes parked all over the place :astonished:

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I better get there early then :wink: