BSA Goldstar 2022

Nice review on the new Goldie…


Watched this a couple of days ago. The performance figures are a bit disappointing, but don’t think it will inhibit sales to much.

I walked around it at the show last year and didn’t think to much on the build quality, hopefully they have sorted that with the production runs.

Looks the part.

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Does look good, £500 too much imop.

TMF has just reviewed this for anyone thats interested?


Well he seems to like it - inevitable comparisons with the Interceptor, which is far enough I suppose.

Reckons it feels quicker, handles better and is generally better build quality.

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There’s a dealer not far from me so I might pop in and see if they have a demo bike. I had a number of BSAs when Oi waz a yoof so I have a sentimental attachment to the brand, even if it’s no longer the same company that owns it. :smiling_face_with_tear:


I would watch that review… But I just can’t bring myself to click on one of that twats videos :rofl:

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“Hey kids, it’s the Missenden Flyer here!”



I find him tolerable, the one I can’t abide is that posh English bloke who lives in Spain :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I don’t mind TMF, I find his reviews down to earth and a lot more real world than a lot of them out there.

He does a follow up video from his garage comparing the BSA with his modified RE and his Speed Twin that is quite interesting.

I think based on looks alone, I prefer the RE Interceptor to the BSA.

He stopped doing that for a while but brought it back ‘by popular demand’. Must say, I watch all his stuff and find it unpretentious, unlike some things you come across on Youtube.


TMF provides content that is right up my street. He tours with his pillion wife, tests the sort of bikes that interest me and is a very pleasant man to talk to.

Stuart Fillingham, however, is a pretentious, whining, self centred pillock. Other than that, he’s ok…

I quite like him apart from the “Hey kids” bit.
His style of review is real world and suits me - he’s not trying to get his knee down or pull wheelies all the time.

Practical and sensible :joy:

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Heeeeeee’s alriiiiiiiigt :rofl: I’ve been watching his stuff for around 7 years now. I don’t watch everything he does but usually find what I do watch is useful and he doesn’t try and pretend to be something he’s not.