BSA Scrambler (prototype)

I really like this. If it ever makes production I hope it still looks the same.

I could be tempted by one as a just-for-fun bike.


I like that!

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Be interesting to hear more about it, that could be a cracker bike!

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I think it looks better than their new goldstar. I’ve only just got into singles in 2022 and really enjoy their power distribution, the reviews on the goldstar say it’s got some nice low down punch. Not sure it’ll ever happen though, considering how long the goldstar took to get to market and the fact it was supposed to be built in the UK.

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Does look really nice. But on the low side power wise for me.

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+5 for expanding the range, -4 for the exhaust wrap and twin silencers


Like it but front mudguard is too high.

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I do like it. But as PatW says i am not into all that exhaust wrap.