BSB Championship or Show?

Nearly put this in “Things that yank your chain”…
Just finished reading the article in MCN from Stuart Higgs and the new format (it yanked my chain :laughing:).
Never liked the “Showdown” format and the new system is barely any better, he’s just obsessed with making the championship run to the final round, presumably to keep the gate receipts up.
All because Leon Camier was a bit good in 2009.
To my mind the “championship” is devalued as a rider can be dominent throughout the majority of the year only to be robbed by a contrived system for the last few meetings.
Just leave it as a consistent points system, if a rider ties up the championship with a few rounds to go then good for him, he deserves it.

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I agree :100: with this. A team performance is spot on for most of the races, works as a team, cleans up and out in front? Nah, reset the clock/clean the slate and never mind as that lead can foxtrot Oscar to give the others a chance because they weren’t as good.

What does all this mean in English…:smile:

Push starts.