BSB Donington Park 2022

One amazing day today.
It felt like “old tymes….”
Up early , lovely morning. Packed sandwiches,
popped them into the new Kriega US tail pack. And off at 07.30.
Destination BSB at Donington Park. Went up via The Super Sausage cafe at Pottersbury where I met up with a mate for coffee and a bacon sandwich and then off oop North. Well
It’s 100 miles north of where I live. All A roads.
The weather was perfect. 15 degrees and sunny .Bike has just been serviced, new tyres all scrubbed in and the RS Speed Triple ran like a Swiss watch .
Great days racing and back home at 19.00 hours with a fly spattered bike and a HUUUGE smile …!


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Great pictures and write up… I have yet to watch t but e weekends racing.

Thanks for picking up on this. I can make categories read-only (which is why you can’t post in a main category that has sub-categories) and I can close topics, which prevents any more replies. I’ll do some housekeeping to make sure they’re all set properly. If anyone does post in the wrong place by mistake I can easily move it to the right location, splitting the toipc if necessary, as I’ve done with this one.


Sounds like you had a brilliant day; you were lucky with the weather!!