Bum clencher

While out yesterday I achieved a 1st :scream: travelling on one of my favourite B roads from Bromyard to Tenbury Wells I had a 2 wheel slide going through a right hand bend on some loose crap. It felt quite pronounced though in reality probably wasn’t that big, but the Tractor took it in it’s stride and just gripped again once I got to some decent tarmac, no panic, no drama. I’ve had the odd twitch before, but never both wheels at the same time so was wondering have you had any similar experiences.


Only ever had rear wheel slides - frightening enough. Glad you got away ok.

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Ta, the trusty GS just took it in it’s stride so ze germans must have installed some anti numpty software to cope with such events. Maybe the 80/20 tyres had something to do with it, or perhaps it was because the boxer bikes have such a low COG, who knows…

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Maybe it’s the knee sliders fitted to the cylinder heads.

Seriously, well done for keeping it under control.

I had a 2 wheel slide on my first Street Triple, hit diesel on a corner. I actually have it on video somewhere. My sphincter was going like a rabbits nose :rofl: I thought I was going down but somehow stayed upright.
Also had a fairly big front wheel slide on the Speed Triple, greasy tree sap sort of situation but that seemed to happen very smoothly and progressively. Enough to tell me to stop being a spanner!
Loads of little rear slides but those are actually quite fun :grin:


TBH Dave I didn’t do anything consciously to try and correct it I just trusted the bike to sort it out, which it did. I did an off road day with Triumph when it was down by the M50 by Eastnor Castle back in 2015 and I remember the instructor saying the biggest problem he had with road riders was getting them to relax and let the bike move about underneath them so maybe that’s still there in the subconscious somewhere. Other than that I was just too slow to be able to do anything in time…


Something similar happened to my mate and his Ducati Multistrada. It was wet, loose and he wasn’t so lucky! He probably won’t ride a bike again until next year :grimacing:

Big get well soon for your mate :pray:t2:


Luckily for me the road was dry, if it’d been wet I’d probably have ended up like your mate. Hope he makes a full recovery and is “allowed” to continue riding

Thanks guys :pray:

It’s his left leg/foot and he’s at least walking without crutches, driving an automatic car and has no cast now. He wants to get back on the bike NOW but can’t so I suggested a smaller and lighter second bike to get back in the saddle. :thinking:

Had front wheel slide on gently curving road at about 50mph. This was winter, with slightly damp roads, together with shiny tar on middle of road that used to have grit from top dressing. Of course, when they top dress the roads the grit gets scattered away from any location where tyres apply latteral loads, like bends and junctions. I.e. exactly the places where to really want good grip.

The 2 wheel slide that sticks in my mind over the years took place in the august heat in northern Greece. I was on my BMW boxer and was riding south of Thessaloniki late in the afternoon heat and when riding around a reasonable speed flat corner, the bike just drifted out to the left. It felt like both wheels but it was really slow and controllable, no snatching. I slowed down after that and over the next two weeks I found that the roads turned to glass in the afternoon heat, but returned back to grippy the next morning. I stopped on one mountain road thinking there was a small stream running across the road, turns out it was melting tarmac that I’d put my foot in!
Well done keeping it upright on a pretty heavy modern bike, mine was a lightweight in comparison even with all my luggage.


Had slides at both ends, but never at the same time. Biggest would be when I had the Multistrada, on grit powering on a wide exit from roundabout, not sure if it was traction control or the end of grit that saved me, wasn’t anything to do with me. :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face: