Bus Lanes Petition

The petition has passed the 10,000 threshold for a response from Parliament.

Seems reasonable as it is common sense. Having said that not a lot of common sense about these days.

The government have responded to the petition.

Anyone that would like to request motorcycle use in bus lanes in England should approach their local traffic authority. TAL 2/07 can be viewed at: www.gov.uk/government/publications/traffic-advisory-leaflets-1989-to-2009.

Looks like a pass the buck exercise.

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I rode through Chester a few weeks ago and was amazed to see signs allowing motorcycles allowed in bus lanes so it can be done.

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I wonder how many people check the signs and understand the restrictions in bus lanes in their area? Some are permanently only available to buses but many have core hours, outside of which any vehicle can use them, for example.
It’s like that in Edinburgh. There were many, many occasions when I was driving in to the city using the bus lane while everyone else bunched up in the regular lane next to it.

Just signed the petition. I agree with @Octoberon it is very confusing in which bus lanes you can use on the bike.

Always amazes me how many people don’t/can’t read the signs. I’m often the only driver in the inside (not a bus) lane, while every other herbert moves to the outside lane. Maybe people just can’t tell the time as well as being unable to read.


You can soon learn what the restricted hours are in the bus lanes in your local area (easy for me - there are hardly any round here). However, in somewhere unfamiliar, the amount of information on the signs is hard to read before you are past them, so people tend to play safe and stay out of them, which wastes road space. It would be more useful if bus lanes had, say, amber lights on them during the restricted hours. Better still, do away with bus lanes altogether…

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I completely agree with you re getting rid of bus lanes. Why should buses have priority over other road users? They’re getting as bad as cyclists. :joy:

Bus lanes mean they don’t end up being mobile chicanes so I don’t mind them, particularly if bikes can se them too.

I don’t think there’s much excuse for not looking at the signs. You may miss one or two while concentration is elsewhere but they’re visible enough if you want to read them.

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Well there was me feeling all smug, and I was thinking I know, I’ll start a MAG and FEMA thread, and low and behold, you’ve done it already. Nice one @Octoberon. Thanks for doing this. :+1: :+1:

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