Buying a Scrambler 1200XC with No Keys….sugestions?

Hi Everyone, new to the forum and new to Triumph bikes.

Here is the story. I’m being offered a 2019 Scrambler 1200XC that was abandoned by the owner who moved to another country some years ago at a very low price. The problem is that the bike has NO keys.

Since the bike was imported from the US to Panama there is no way of contacting the original dealer that sold the bike yo have the keys remade.

The question is, if I buy all the components (2 different ECUs, Key Fob, immobilizer antena, lock set and a few more parts) from a wrecked bike on eBay, can I just switch all of them and will that work?

Any feedback will be appreciated.


Hi and welcome. Can’t help you I’m afraid, but I’m sure someone will be along shortly who can…

Hi and welcome… I can’t help, but would suggest a call or email to Triumph who will be able to confirm your best way forward.