Buying paddock stands

In addition to z bike lift, I’m also in the market for a couple of paddock stands; one for the Street Triple and another for the single-sided swingarm MV and Ducati in the garage. The Triple had bobbins in it when I bought it so I just need the stand. Is there anything I should know about making an informed purchase? Has anyone else got one they recommend?

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I find paddock stands are quite personal but I am really happy with my 3 as follows:

  1. Warrior single sided stand for the Daytona - Feels sturdy
    Buy Warrior L/H Single Sided Rear Paddock Stand & Pin | Demon Tweeks

  2. Warrior front stand for all my bikes - This one makes me nervous but does hold well
    Buy Warrior Front Paddock Stand - PDSFRT | Demon Tweeks

  3. Oxford dual rear - A great all rounder for use with bobbins and very secure

The type I don’t trust is with L adapters that slot under the swinging arm. These do not seem secure enough and I don’t trust them when say removing the back wheel.

There is also a misconception that you need strength to raise a bike up on a paddock stand but it’s all about the technique.

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I use both those warrior stands on my GS. The rear in particular is very good as you slot it in to place with the bike on the sidestand then simply lift the bike up to vertical while pushing down with the other hand before finally pushing down to lift the bike so there’s no chance of it falling over. My drive is 30 years old so the tarmac isn’t great so for the front I’ve got a couple of oven trays I use I got from TK max to give the rollers something smooth to run on when lifting the front end of the bike.


Regarding the front, the under yolk type are my preference. No heart in your mouth moments when lifting and wheel removal is much easier (forks too)


I purchased these from motorcycle parts warehouse.

Very competitive price for the pair.


Don’t bother with paddock stands, I go with an Abba stand. :no_mouth:

I use Abba stand on Street and Speed Triples, plus an under yoke stand on the front. Annoying that can’t use the front stand on the BMW (no access to stem), so far just getting by with its centre stand and careful use of jack under engine.

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Thanks for all the thoughts and recommendations so far. I’ve seen a good review of the Oxford stand and was thinking about that one. I hadn’t seen the Warrior stands before so good to know about those as another option. If they’'ll hiold a GS then they’ll certainly work for me.

I wasn’t planning to get a front stand, not for now anyway. I’ve got an abba stand. It’s great but a bit of a faff when you just want to hold the bike up to oil the chain. Last time I checked there wasn’t an adapter for the MV, either.

The stands from MCW look similar the the Oxford one. Sadly they’re all out of stock.

I have an Oxford rear stand and use a ratchet strap over a garage beam and through the handlebars. Works well for both wheels out and brake service. not had forks apart yet.

I’m not sure the rafters in my garage are strong enough. I could put something more sturdy in if I need to, I guess.

When I said beam, I meant an 8" (200mm) square oak beam. More than adequate and I have had a Rocket 3 completely suspended off it.


This may be a stupid question but are single-sided paddock stands a standard fit across bikes or does one require some sort of adapter sleeve, a bit like you have with the abba stands?

Different pin sizes such as these for the Warrior

  • Pin A - 27.4mm - Various Triumph / KTM
  • Pin D - 40mm - Various Ducati
  • Pin F - 42.5mm - Various Ducati / MV Agusta
  • Pin H - 21.7mm - Various Ducati
  • Pin I - 28.4mm - Various Honda
  • Pin J - 52mm - Various BMW

Looks like a ‘F’ for my MV but I’m a bit confused about the Ducati pin…

I have never owned a Ducati but I think the pin (H) might be stepped? :thinking: