Cafe Corsa, Gillingham, Dorset

Super food and a terrific location. The shop is worth a look round. If the weather is right you can sit in the garden and enjoy some sun with your food.

Café Corsa
The Old Brewery
Wyke Road

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Definitely worth a visit


Thank you for the uploaded picture.

Their bike park is around the back.

It is :grinning:

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Spot on sir

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The original Cafe Corsa has now changed as the bike shop has gone into receivership. The workshop peps now trade as North Dorset Motorcycles Moto Corsa falls… and rises! Dorset dealership reincarnated with former staffer at the helm | MCN
The cafe still exists but is now known as The Old Brewery cafe and kitchen at the old location.

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The old cafe was on our Biker’s Map. I’ve updated the name and noted the change.

Surely it should be called The New Brewery… :slight_smile:

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