Cameras at Willingham Woods

New cameras and a reduced speed limit on the A361 at Willingham Woods. Will this kill the venue like they did with the Cat and Fiddle?

Usual scenario of a few inconsiderate wankers riding like idiots forcing the hand of the authorities to act, thereby spoiling it for the majority of the other bikers that attend the place and ride responsibly.


I don’t have any personal knowledge of this particular location, but I’ve certainly seen some idiotic riding at times on other popular biking roads. There’s a minority of people who just ask for trouble.

Absolutely no surprise as all good biking roads are being impacted by speed restrictions. Very soon there will be no decent roads where you can ride above 50 mph.

As always, revenue collection hiding beneath the skirts of health and safety.

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Needs the ‘chop down’ squad!! Any got their number? Heheheh