CAN-bus for motorcycles

I became aware of CAN-bus tech via my car a couple of years ago when the cable got severed and the dashboard lit up like Blackpool illuminations.

I hadn’t thought about it for bikes until the other day when I came across this article.

Wiring in to the battery still works (probably) but anything more than that and it gets a bit more complicated, apparently.

I know this is a relatively modern concept but I haven’t been able to identify which Triumph models and years use it to whatever extent.

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Don’t know about the Triumph model with can bus, but I can say the Sprint ST/GT1050 are not on the list :slightly_smiling_face:

I would imagine any bike with an ECU has a CAN-bus. Looking at the wiring diagram in the Haynes manual for the water-cooled twins shows two non-power wires common between lots of things which I assume are the CAN bus. The modules connected this way on the Truxton diagram I happened to open the manual at are: the diagnostic port, ECM (ECU?), immobiliser, ABS, instrument panel, and a bluetooth module. Basically, anything that isn’t a dumb switch, light or environment sensor.

Edit: of course, this doesn’t indicate how much stuff is available to control and monitor. E.g. the indicator lights and switch connect to the instrument panel, but that is likely(?) a simple switched circuit completely isolated from the ‘smart’ stuff so e.g. you couldn’t detect indicator activation via the CAN bus.

Just one more feature designed to prevent simple folk like me from working on our own bikes, apparently to facilitate other features that we don’t need either. Grump, grump… :grimacing:

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The follow-up to the original post would be to point people at this…

Again, not really sure what sort of Triumphs you’d need one of these for but it does at least provide a gateway to the bus, so to speak.

Both these articles are interesting, even for the more curmudgeonly. :wink:

All mentions of Hex exCAN I’ve have been in relation to BMW bikes, so I had assumed it was BMW specific, but see from their web site there’s instructions for fitting it to latest Tigers and other non-BMW makes of bikes. Including 10 year old Harleys!

Curmudgeonly? Moi? :grinning:

Hexezecan have been producing their adapters for quite some time and I’ve had their system since 2016. It works by plugging the unit into your wiring harness. For mine I plug it into the TPMS module and it then picks up the switched live and a seperate fused lead goes to the battery. I use mine to provide power to my bike cam and aux lights which are programmed to switch off when my indicators are used and I use another channel to run a second horn all without interferring with the wiring harness. You program what you want to use on the 4 channels available on your laptop, it’s quite trick and you can power all sorts of stuff.

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Implimentation of CAN on my 2015 Speed Triple is limited to ECU - Instrument comms. Everything else is regular old school wiring. On the other hand my BMW S1000XR uses CAN all over the place. :man_facepalming:t2:

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