Cardo battery

Has anyone on this forum replaced a battery in a Cardo unit?

My Cardo Bold is losing it’s life each time I ride, I get about 40 minutes before the “low battery” warning and then it switches off at around 45 minutes. The wife’s unit still lasts all day and they are both charged exactly the same as we rarely ride solo.

I have not, but perhaps this is useful?

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Hi Wim, thanks for the reply. I also asked on a couple of FB groups and they suggested the same video! I have asked Uber Micro repairs to do this for me. I can’t work on small stuff and soldering is black magic to me! I have tried so many times’ but it just doesn’t work! My hands are covered in burns from previous attempts and I also melted part of my thumb nail trying. I’m a bricklayer/plasterer working in inches, not parts of a millimetre.

No problem Paul, happy to try and help. And I see your point in outsourcing this! :joy:

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Just to finish this thread off, I sent my Cardo unit to Uber Micro repairs. They installed a new battery and micro usb charging port. They turned it round in 2 weeks and the battery life is now better than new. Cost was £65 including return postage. They told me that Cardo use poor quality batteries.


Wow my last Cardo unit where the battery went I binned it for a new one. Your update is super useful :grinning:

I contacted them via Facebook messenger and they were brilliant all the way through. I had looked at buying a new one, but even though this model is now obsolete, NOS items were £250 and a used one £150. I did the right thing and when Rose’s unit starts to play up, I know where it’s going!

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