Cardo to charge monthly subscription for features (Poll)

Another opportunity to voice our opinion is as a comment on their YouTube channel

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I also complained directly to them and this is my comment with their response.

“ Thanks for reaching out. First and foremost, any existing product besides the Packtalk Custom, does not (and will not in the future) involve payment of any subscription fees at all and comes with all included features unlocked out of the box. We can guarantee this. The Packtalk Custom is ideal for riders on a more strict budget that would like more control over what they use and pay for, and are comfortable with. On the Packtalk Custom, all standard features are included in the base price “right out of the box” without the need to subscribe. These include: Our 2nd generation of Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC gen 2), 13hrs battery time (with fast charging), FM radio with 6 saved station 1 mobile device connection (Phone, TFT or GPS), Music streaming, 40mm HD speakers, USB-Type C, IP67 Waterproof, Over-the-air software update directly from the Cardo Connect app, 2-year warranty, and more. Kind regards, Jasper --------------- Original Message --------------- From: [Bloodknot] Sent: 3/16/2023 6:30 PM To: Subject: No question. Just to tell you that you are making a huge mistake looking at customers to pay a subscription for services having already shelled out a load of cash for the product. You really need to rethink this. ref:_00DA0Hawq._5006f1qmsC3:ref

So if I’ve understood all that correctly you get an extra year warranty over and above what I got on my Interphone which cost about £115 which I’ve been using for over two years now. How much does this Cardo cost and which helmet make takes the cardo gizmos as standard ?

I think the cheapest Cardo unit is circa £200. It comes with connectivity to satnav, phone, mp3 and radio as standard. So not massively expensive imo :slightly_smiling_face:

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I paid €139 for my freecom 2+ last year. Connects to satnav, phone and a second unit, with a half mile range. Has a built in fm radio, too.

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We got our Freecom 4s a good while ago, well before the dreaded lurgi hit us. The one thing I would say is because the Cardo units clip so easily onto a helmet do not let the coms unit compromise your choice of helmet.

I would never buy a helmet that has built in coms. Purely because you will have compromised somewhere along the line. Helmet first and coms second.