Carole nash were perfect!

I think ive posted this beforehand but i had a puncture on the busa in the Swiss alps and the service i had from mrs nash was excellent.
A low loader Picked up the bike, but as it was a Sunday, they took it to a lock up to take to the nearest bike shop on Monday morning.
They paid for the hotel room and even paid for food for the 3 of us in the group for the Sunday evening. As long as we didn’t take the mick.
I was at breakfast at the hotel and saw my bike being taken off to the shop whilst looking out of the window.
All i paid for was a new tyre. I submitted receipts and all paid with no quibbles.
Apart from a dabble with mce insurance, (never again), been with carole Nash since.
Sure, cheaper about (not by much tbh) but I’ve absolutely no issues about them. As i get older, my insurance is getting cheaper (53, speed rs 1050) £180 fully comp.


I’ve been with Carole Nash for the past couple of years. Fortunately I’ve never had to make a claim but it’s good to know they respond well if the need arises :+1:

Price wise they seem fairly competitive and they set up a multi bike policy for me when I added the Tiger to the Speed Triple.


Excellent news, I’ve been with them for years and often wondered about their included breakdown cover especially when travelling in Europe. Many years ago I had the same problem as you in the swiss alps, again it was a sunday, ended up in a hotel for the night with the tyre repaired the following day. In those days I used AA european cover, they were good and covered it all as well.

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