Chain tension

Probably been discussed many times but does anyone have a setting for chain tension when on either an Abba stand or paddock stand? Manual says 21-30mm while on wheels but it’s got to be easier on a stand.

I tried setting mine on a Abba stand but I kept falling off. :grin:

There is nothing like useful advice :joy:

I usually adjust mine with bike free standing with a mate holding it. Never done it on a stand.

I wouldn’t take a chance on an Abba stand…


Need a mate for that :cry:

Why’s that Dave? Seems steady enough

It was a joke. One of Abba’s better-known songs was Take A Chance On Me.

Some fell on stony ground.

Oops! Missed that one🤭

Ego te absolvo. I suppose it wasn’t very funny anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:

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And if your bike falls over, that’s money, money money…

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Get a chain monkey! Works brilliantly and correct every time either on a stand or off.

Got one! I was after a size to set it to. After much faffing I eventually got it done using the chain monkey set on line 2 :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


Seems like one of those many gadgets invented to solve a problem which doesn’t exists. It’d be quicker to check tension with a ruler. And once you’ve adjusted the bike for the first time you know how much to turn the adjuster to change it in future. For me, two faces on the hex nut goes from max to min slack. So I adjust chain by that much whenever it needs doing, and double check with ruler afterwards.

I can’t see how this Tru-Tension thing can be accurate anyway, as chain tension changes (for me at least) after you torque up the axle.

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The Speedy has an eccentric adjuster so no screws to turn.

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Ah, I can see that would make it totally different.

I suppose I’m a bit old school, but I hardly ever actually measure chain tension on my Triumph. I just waggle the bottom run of the chain up and down with my finger and thumb occasionally and make sure it feels right. It’s easy to judge.

It’s even less of a problem on my Guzzi, of course.:slightly_smiling_face:


Chain, what’s one of those. There used to be one on the bog sistern at w*rk years ago…

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