Chrome platers

Can anyone recommend a decent chrome platers, I’m in South West wales but not too bothered about location. I know I can look on line but I’m hoping for actual recommendations, cheers

I used to use J A Baddeley here in Nottingham, think they moved out Loughborough way. Top job every time, drop stuff one Friday afto, fetch it following week from the back door :wink: not sure if that’s any use to you though :slightly_smiling_face:

Taken over by a company called DDG, they’re still doing plating so I emailed them, thanks.


When I restored my Vincent a few years ago, I sent all my plating down to Prestige Plating in Mexborough and they did an excellent job at a reasonable price and timescale.

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I’ll message them too as DDG don’t do hard chrome, thanks Dave.