Clutch lever "throw"

Not sure what to call it…throw, travel, engagement?

I like to have my clutch/bite point whatever it may be called at the grip end of the travel, rather than the … erm… opposite, stretched finger amount.

Is it me, or is the “throw” needing to be quite a lot in order to fully clutch? So a short throw isn’t possible?

It’s something that irks me, that great changes are right at the extension of my fingers, rather than at more/fuller grip/nearer the grip.

I have tried some minor adjustment at both the grip winder and also clutch end, but it feels there’s a sweet spot …and it’s at the ‘start’ of the pull…not towards the grip.

2010 1050 ABS

Wait until your clutch wears… :+1:t3:

I can’t work out if you’re taking the Micky or offering thoroughly sounds advice :rofl:

That doesn’t help :rofl: