Colour me Triumph

Being a conservative lot(!) around here, the specials coming from Triumph such as the Chrome collection and Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Bonneville tend to be received somewhat coolly. As Dawsy commented, elsewhere…

So what colours should Triumph be painting their bikes? Something from previous years? Something completely new or based on a great custom job? Is there a colour you’d like that’s never been seen, or should we return to the days of Jackson Pollock?

Suggestions please. Provide a photo of a bike in the colour that should be standard, ro just an example of the colour. Or let your inner Tony Hart run wild. If we get enough options I’ll run a poll and let Triumph know what to do for next year’s range.


Honda had it right … wish I still had one!




I’m happy with the return of Baja Orange and Cosmic Yellow - both look great.

Getting a good deal on a second hand Thruxton RS but really not digging the matte silver/black/red combo.

Yeah give you that one.
They don’t do too badly with some of the Bonnie colours to be fair. But the Speed Triple range should have options like the early bright green
Maybe like an older Bonnie

Or like this :heart_eyes:

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Ooohh, I like that Hurricane!

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Be nice to have one in the garage!

I am very partial to a colourful bike…

I love the Cosmic Yellow, Baja Orange and the Roulette (??) green that others have already posted.

I also love this Sulphur Yellow:

Also the red of the Speed Triple RR I think is stunning in the flesh (a sort of “wet look” candy apple to me). Perhaps it should be standard on a few more bikes in the range.

In terms of bikes that aren’t plain…I like some early bikes like the Urban Tiger FireBlade…so unashamedly loud it is cool!!


Dog Pecker Pink

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I’m unclear as to whether you’re a fan of the dog pecker.

I’m going to say ‘yes’.

They used to do the Thruxton in a dark metallic green - I think they called it Competition Green.

British Racing Green/Motorsport Green was the traditional colour on British racing cars until towards the end of the 1960’s when sponsor colours took over.

This colour really suited the Thruxton and I think would look fantastic on any of the retro range.

I like the Baja Orange on the Speed Triple, but didn’t like it at all on the Speed Twin - it just didn’t suit it.


The current version just looks like a fussy mess. Keep it simple and classy, like the bike.


Neal beat me to it.
ALL Triumphs should have the option to be supplied in BRG.

My first Triumph, bought brand new 1994.
Every time I stopped old men would come up to me and tell me all about their old Triumphs…
Now I am one. :roll_eyes:

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I’m probably not the best person to discuss colour schemes :rofl: :rofl:

While a lot of Triumphs colours are obviously chosen by colour blind accountants, at least they’ve not done anything in the Nerdy (primer) Grey… (although they’ve come close)

Oh I don’t know, so brash it works I reckon.

I do like a Yellow Triumph (much like my 1998 T595) but given the choice I would like a “nerdy” Battleship Grey or Satin Black Triumph. :sunglasses:

My favourite colour scheme though would not suit a Triumph because it’s synonymous with Yamaha (Kenny Roberts yellow). :heart_eyes:


Nice bike but interestingly I was asked by Triumph to be part of a customer research group at the bike show a few years back and they showed me those colours to find out my views. I said single colours work better on the classic styled bikes but they obviously disregarded my views…
Still think I’m right…!


Got to agree on the green on the Thruxton, here is mine :heart_eyes:


Beautiful colour, Eclipse, brought out in 2000 for the Solar Eclipse :thinking: in the sun it can identify as green.


Now this colour scheme I like (but not so much the bike).