Coming to a road near you

Road user charging, in effect distance charging, was proposed a while ago, it includes recommendations to collaborate with other cities.

The scheme is now somewhat closer and looks like it’s getting some traction. An online feedback is only available until 10 March.

Doesn’t take too much of a leap of faith that the other cities mentioned in the original report won’t jump on the band wagon. Nor would it stretch the imagination to invisage those cities joining up the connections (roads) between them.

Repeal the helmet laws…jeez, get those walking boots before the prices go up Chaps. :laughing:


Watched something on yt about this last night.
Its actually "personal tracking " and you will be charged even if you are on a pushbike or take the train/tube.
Supposed "public consultation " finishes on the 10th of march, as you said.
Sadiq khan wants this and, surprisingly…, one of the companies involved in the study is a company that he owns…Road User Charging - Another secret consultation, and it's TERRIFYING - YouTube

Where’s Guy Falks when you need him

What they really need to do is address the root cause. Reduce the population density of London, To do this you need to distribute commerce and government around the country, thereby distributing wealth and investment more evenly. This would obviously take a government with testacles and determined ladies and lots of time, not something we are likely to see.

I can’t honestly understand why londoners (?) Voted him in, knowing about the new ulez expansion and closing off roads randomly will affect everyone for the worse. Bonkers.

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