Completely Bikes (Hinckley)

As mentioned elsewhere :grin:, I’ve made a couple of visits to Completely Bikes at Hinckley recently. I’d never even heard of them before passing their large ‘distribution centre’ on the A5 on the way to the nearby Triumph factory. Apparently there are a few places around the country.

It’s a pretty standard supermarket-type affair but the bikes we saw, and there are a lot, all looked in very nice condition, including the one I bought. Each has a QR code stuck to the front mudguard that will bring up the relevant web page from their site when yu point your phone at it. I’m not sure why they don’t just use the usual bit of card hanging off a handlebar. Perhaps it’s cheaper that printing off hundreds of cards.

The staff were very friendly but not obtrusive; there was no pushy sales talk. They seem content to just let people wander around and ask for assistance if needed. Judging by all the sold bikes lined up to go through their workshop before collection by, or (free) delivery to, their new owners, I’d say they’re doing something right.

There are bikes from all the usual players grouped together under banners that hang from the roof. Free coffee and tea is available while you mooch around. With that many bikes it’s easy to spend an hour or two in there. They also have half-a-dozen demonstrators parked outside.

Bikes are sold with a 3 month warranty, or at least mine was. It was also serviced and given a fresh MoT. I can’t think of anything to criticise from the experience. Unless something crops up with my bike I’d be happy to buy from them again.


Looks like they have a huge number of bikes in stock…just as we head into winter :cold_face:

Yeah, my local BMW dealer in the last week has contacted me by email, text message, post and finally this morning by phone offering me a “special” deal to trade up on my used bike for another better used bike. Only had it a year FFS :laughing:
Think they might have a used bike surplus, but then they’d just have a slightly older one to move on. :thinking:

If they’re not sold the dealers move them around to other places so it looks like they have a turnover of bikes. Otherwise people go in and see the same bikes for sale all the time and think either there’s something wrong with the bike(s), they’re over-priced, or people don’t buy from them for some other reason, Bad juju.

I bought my Tiger 660 from Completely Bikes in Queensferry earlier this year. It is a triumph dealership that opened when Bill Smith lost the Triumph franchise. Decent set of people, friendly and professional outfit.