Contemporary Nightmare

Hi all, at the end of last year my 16 year old grandson and three of his mates formed a four piece band (drummer, bass and two electric guitars). They have written a number of tracks and released their first one on Spotify this week.

They are headlining at the Captains Bar (a music venue) in Stoke-on-Trent tomorrow night, hopefully a stepping stone for them to better things.

I have attached a screen shot showing the band in Spotify and would appreciate if could search them out and give them a play.


Needs some work, but they have potential.

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I meant to add you can also follow/like them on Instagram :grinning:

You can also find the track on Apple Music. :grinning:

Done !

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Thank you so much :grinning:

For those that don’t have Spotify or Amazon Music I thought I would post a video of the boys.
This is a live session recorded back in February 24 at the Independent Venue Week (IVW) and before they recorded the track in the studio. The IVW is is an annual seven-day celebration of independent music and arts venues and the people that own, run and work in them. It shines a spotlight on the vital role that the hundreds of independently-owned venues across the UK play as part of the live music industry and the opportunity for up and coming acts to get exposure.
Whilst the video is not as polished as the version posted on the streaming sites it does show the boys enthusiasm for performing a live set.

You can watch the video here: