Converting to tubeless?

I’ve got a bit of a hankering for a T100 lately but tubed tyres put me off.
I’ve seen conflicting stories for converting them, basically sealing where the spokes connect the rims. Some say the inside rim profile is not right, no raised bead to seat a tubeless tyre. I really don’t know. Is this true? If its possible to convert fairly cheaply and easily I could very well be tempted. I will not buy a bike with tubes! Had too many punctures in the past, either me or a riding partner to even consider going a long ride and getting stranded. You’d think manufacturers would stop offering tubes on road bikes by now, especially a premium brand like Triumph.

There seems to be some kind of general idea that tubes pop like a balloon when they puncture, when really they don’t, also that tubed tyres puncture more often, which they don’t, I’d rather have a puncture on a tubed tyre than have a tubeless conversion fail. Although it’s a pita, you can patch a tube by the side of the road, good luck with fixing a failed tubeless conversion roadside.

What you need is a Bonneville SE Andy! Cast wheels, proper size too so no feeling that you’re ploughing a field. I bet there’s a good one to be had if you look around :smile::wink:

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Thats what I’d like to find out, if these tubeless conversions are as good as they seem. How do you break the bead at the side of the road? Can it be done without removing the wheel? Can you remove the tube without removing the tyre completely like you can with a push bike? There is no room on a T100 to carry the required tools by the looks of it. Thats the beauty of a tubeless repair kit, small and light, easily stroed on the bike.

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Do you do finance :rofl:
PS. Not implying its expensive, quite the opposite. If I was buying anytime soon, finance would be the chosen form of payment

I carry kit including a couple of tyre levers, on tubed tyres its much easier to break a bead than on tubeless, feed the tube out, patch it and re-inflate with CO2 cartridges, get home and plug the tyre then. Funny enough I’ve only done this on mates bikes…

PatW . Thats what the worm kit is for.

You see there must be a difference in rim profile if thats the case. I was able to break the bead on a tiger tubed rim with tyre leavers but it wasnt easy, and that was with the wheel off the bike.

Nope, never use worms, only mushrooms.

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Does depend how long the tyres been on there.

The main issue with slightly heavier steering is the 17/19 tyre combo, plus the stupidly narrow bars on the T100, slightly wider bars and a 90 aspect ratio tyre cures that although i can’t agree that the T100 steers like a plough, when you’ve ridden enough different bikes for long enough you learn to adapt.

It was a joke Pat…:smile:

Ooh was it?

I think the 900’s are all 18" front now.

You have your 765 for long runs Andy. A t100 could be your go to fun bike for short days out. I ride my Thruxton without worrying about punctures and if I did get one I would just call for recovery. Simple :grinning: So just go do it mate.