Coombe Castle Race Circuit

Had a poodle out to Coombe Castle Raceway today to have a look at the NG Grand National races (whatever they are :blush:). I’m a no nothing on bike racing I’m afraid. But the Landsdowne Classics were there (pre '65) so thought I’d go for a look.
Took my bike lock but forgot the bleedin key so was going to just leave it in the car park. However, I was invited by the Nailsea Classic Bikers to display the Bonny in their stand. Hooray. Good blokes they are. So rode the Bonny through the crowds of spectators (that was quite pleasant - I don’t get out much) to their stand by the side of the track.

They gave me a seat too. Parked up alongside an MV, a Harley and a Suzi 1400 Katana conversion. Rather nice they were too.

Had a chat, and wandered off for a look around. And, by jingo, bumped into a mate of mine selling Zeros. I had been told he was going to be there but I forgot until I saw him :stuck_out_tongue:

Not for me at the moment but if one needs a vehicle for commuting to work and the like. No maintenance, no fluids and the smaller ones are equivalent to several hundred miles for the cost of a gallon. Probably/perhaps/maybe the future. Here’s what they are made of and the prices


no worse looking or expensive than the Triumphs next door on the Fowler’s stand

How long is that tail on the new Triumph thingy? Blimey


There seemed to be a lot of 1200 Bandits all suited and booted

So I asked one of the racers - “That’s because there’s a Bandit Class race series” he says. Oh how we all laughed. :blush:
My mate called me some rude names - like he knew there is a Bandit only race series.
So I was quite pleased when he nearly swallowed a wasp while taking a swig from his Coke can later on in the day.
I said “Coke hasn’t been the same since they took the cocaine out of it and made it all chewy”. It didn’t seem like he was enjoying it anymore 'cause he tipped the contents into the hedge and threw the can in the bin. Oh how we all laughed :laughing:


Sounds like a good day out. That Bonneville looks great in the sunshine!


Looks and sounds like a brilliant day, the paint on the Bonny is beautiful (I am a sucker for shiny red bikes with paint that looks still wet!) and the seat makes it look really special.


Thanks, yes, I quite enjoyed it on the Saturday. Friendly, chatty and lots of nice metal to look at.

Gently lay your eyeballs on this

We decided the collective for Nortons (there were loads there) is a ‘Rumble of Nortons’

The racers seemed to have a pair of bikes each. These were un-numbered Manxes (Manxi?) and up for sale

Notice one is a rolling chassis only (no engine)

They weren’t hanging about either. These bikes were put to the hammer when they were on the track

And it takes it’s toll

I’ll have to keep my eyes open for other stuff on at Castle Coombe, it’s a nice ride towards Chips and Ham for me through the Wiltshire countryside…see ya’ll there :upside_down_face:


Some lovely machinery :heart_eyes: