Copycat GMU

Well as this is a friendly copycat Triumph forum maybe we should have a copycat GMU ?


I’ve got some plans for the forum that should help us as a community (or pockets of the community) out there int he real world. A GMU could be the zenith, but let’s call it something new.

Ah yes, filthy camping where hores are hired and lots of noise is made from cocktail shakers working hard? Will that cover the description?

I presume you meant ‘horses’.

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Each to his own… (weirdo :flushed:)

Well, l could certainly bring my own nag…:smirk:

No, I’m sure he means whores. :rofl:

Oh it’s a spelling thing…… Heheheh

A meet would be fun :slightly_smiling_face:

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Despite the huge travel involved I’m in !!

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I believe they’re called Hoes…

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So long as we keep ‘The cockend’ out it’ll be fun

Could always set up a Whatsapp group…:smile:

Yes I’ll go along with that Alan

Lets call it The Rebel Alliance - :rofl: :rofl:

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I really have no idea what you are all talking about :thinking: WTF is a GMU

‘Grand Meet Up’. Like a mini festival for forum members but without Paul McCartney.

Oh well, if Paul aint going then I’ll go (I bloody hate him), as long as it’s less than 10 miles away - I only have badly put together vintage bikes these days.
(I’m waiting for bikes with petrol engines to be banned so mine will be worth a fortune. I want to see the grandkids fight over them).
See ya’ll there then, I’ll bring the flask of tea and the tartan blanket.


So how about a SWTFAYT (So Who The F#@* Are You Then)
No? :slightly_smiling_face:

Nope, don’t do the phone texting thing. In fact I don’t do the mobile phone thing at all. So don’t understand any of it. So if you are asking then best just ask longhand…over