Ok, I’m aware there is likely to be a range of opinion from love to loath… I can’t say I’m too bothered about hearing vitriolic spewings in this thread… please keep them to other regions of the forum.

So what did you do to enjoy the pageantry? Did you do anything special?

My Mrs is quite a royal botherer, so she went round to our friends for the live event, whilst I stayed tinkering in the garage at home. I went through later and met with a couple more friends there and enjoyed a coronation garden party (with a hot tub - great for cleaning me oily hands) a Jacobs join, quizzes, drinking… just a bloody good party. Lots of fun.

Can’t say I was hugely bothered about the coronation itself originally, but there was a lot good moments that will stick with me… and plenty of jokes/laughs were had! I’m looking forward to the next one… (etc)


Never watched any of it. Went round to my son’s and we built up (well, took it out of the box and put handlebars and wheel on) his 30th birthday present, a Whyte mountain bike. Roads were nice and quiet though which was nice :smiley:


Wife and I went to Specsavers for long-overdue eye tests, and I ordered some new specs. Returned home and mowed the lawn. Not interested in watching a billionaire putting on a magic hat.

Managed to avoid everything except for the purchase of a coronation chicken sandwich which I ate earlier in the week whilst out on the bike.

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I’m not particularly interested but im not against it either. Its nice to see people come together for a change. What I do find quite annoying though is the protesters with “not my king” signs. I mean show a little respect, I find that extremely derogatory. If you are British, well, he is your king! Get over it.


I’m not a royalist, but on balance I am pro-royal because I’m a traditionalist at heart and I think the royal family is a net benefit to Britain.

I do enjoy the pageantry and the military displays that revolve around the monarchy - I think Britain does this better than anyone. The coronation will have been watched and enjoyed by many millions around the world, not just in Britain.

I didn’t do anything special, just watched it on the TV while visiting family, and generally enjoyed it. It was a moment in history.


I detest royalty and all that they stand for so I’d best just say I spent yesterday avoiding anything to do with the coronation.


We went out to look at doors then had a mooch around the Holmfirth Folk Festival. R put the tv on briefly while we’re getting ready so I heard some singing and religious muttering - . strangely out of place now we aren’t a Christian country by population majority - but that’s about it.

I err towards republicanism but I’m not overly bothered with the pageantry (we do that embarrassingly well) or monarchy per se. I do however think it’s wrong to spend. £100m to feed well-off people while many others are still suffering the indignity of food banks. Charlie is a billionaire, he should have paid for it himself. I also believe people should have a right to protest peacefully. This isn’t Russia.

It’ll be interesting to see what a ‘modern’ royal (William) does next time, which may well be within my lifetime.

I hope that by then we will have had a referendum on whether there should be another one at all.

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Even Michelle O’Neil went to the service while some British people held their “not my king” signs. I just think its so disrespectful! Protesting is fine, but it could be done in better taste.

I’m sure that Michelle O’Neill went as a symbolic act of peace and reconciliation, Andy, not because she is a supporter of monarchy.
Of course ‘Not My King’ demonstrations are disrespectful: that’s their point. If a coronation isn’t the right time to demonstrate against a continuation of monarchy, then what is?

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Yes I have no doubt she doesn’t support the monarchy. Thats my point, there is at least a little respect there.
I just don’t like the way some people will try to cast a cloud over other peoples celebrations. Live and let live. I dont like football for example. But if people want to go and enjoy a match, why would I want to go and try to spoil their day to prove some sort of point that I think football is shite? Live and let live.

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I’m ambivalent in respect of the monarchy. What I did enjoy was the military display on the lawn, which for me with the fly past was the highlight of the day.

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I’m neither for nor against the whole Royal thing. It’s all I’ve ever known, there are bigger things going on to worry about than that…
But the seating plan did make me laugh. Last time it was the candles, this time Annie’s hat…!

I did see that bit and the 3 cheers was moving. Perfect synchronisation…
Brought a lump to Charlie’s throat did that…!

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Yeah, the Russians protesting against their royal family had a grim ending… :thinking:

I’m not so sure. The monarchy’s endured for hundreds of years in its current form and there’s a lot of support for it still. Politicians have no power to gain so they’re unlikely to be interested.

Wot? Did I miss something?

Our armed forces were immaculate as usual. The three cheers in perfect unison from the entire contingent in Charlie’s back garden was a powerful moment.
Just needed Russell Crowe (as Maximus) to come galloping across the lawn. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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Coronation was the TV event in France (yes), a lot of people followed that closely.
I don’t blame it, kings and queens throw back people to history, story telling, etc.
My wife likes it, she collect horrible royal mugs (and use them at the office).
My daughter and her boyfriend (english) didn’t bothered at all, like more and more people in UK I guess.

That day I was on my Triumph with a bunch of guys all faster than me.