Corse of Slakes

Didn’t have time for a long ride today so had to make do with a couple of hours. However, here in Galloway that’s no hardship - plenty of good riding to be had without going far. I started off by heading over to Laurieston, and then taking the hill road to Gatehouse of Fleet, which is one of my favourite local-ish roads.

Once at Gatehouse, I joined the A75 for a couple of miles and then turned right at Skyreburn on to the Corse of Slakes road. It’s a single track old military road, built in the 1760s to move troops to suppress the Irish. The name is two old Scots words meaning a pass over the hills, and it runs from Skyreburn to Creetown. To call it lonely would be an understatement. Of all the places where you wouldn’t ever want to break down, this is it.

Having reached the summit, I turned round and returned to the A75 at Skyreburn, and enjoyed a brisk ride back to Castle Douglas and thence home via Gelston. Only 60 or 70 miles, but a really great afternoon’s ride.


Absolutely gorgeous as ever!!


There are certainly worse places to live.