Cursor in the wrong place

Have a little issue that’s been poping up while typing on the forum while using Safari. Sometimes the cursor is displayed 2 lines under the text. It happens if I tap the reply box to bring up the keyboard. It won’t return to normal after that. It’s displayed correctly if I tap in the reply box right where the first line of text would be but its a pretty small target, bit annoying but by no means a major issue.

Thanks for letting me know. I haven’t seen that before but I don’t usually use Safari. I’ll have a play around and see if I can replicate the issue. I presume this is on your new iPhone? I’ll also check the Discourse forum and see if anyone else has reported it, and if not, I’ll raise on there with the developers.

Has anyone else seen this on their phone?

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No problems with using Safari on a desk top or laptop.

Yes the new iPhone, though it seems to be alright now, I deleted “gboard”, a different keyboard I was using. But the issue was there before I downloaded the app in the first place, strange.

I wondered about your keyboard as it looked different to mine. I’ll see if there’s any info related to that on iPhone. It’s always good to know, in case anyone else encounters a similar issue.

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Its doing it again :slightly_frowning_face: