Custom RnineT

Something for you, @Tigcraft

I like the BMW R nine T, but jeez, that is ugly.

They have rather overdone it with the pinstriping, for me.

I’d call it “the rack” :joy:

Lost for words, looks like an expensive dog blanket has been thrown over it.

To give the fella his due though, some work has gone into it and (at the moment) it’s a unique Beemer

Yes it’s wonderfully made an I can see the man hours and labour of love gone in it although personally it’s just not something I’d want to be seen with as there are far nicer customs out there

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That doesn’t work for me :crazy_face:

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I can appreciate the time and effort that has gone into it, but it’s definitely not to my taste!

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Looks like that lotus prototype bike they put out a few years back, anyone remember that?

This one