Day trip to the seaside for fish and chips

Yesterday I did a 200 miles round trip to the east coast using mixed road types and a different route each way. I love how verdant this time of year is.

My favoured destination is Sutton-on-Sea and Waldo’s Fish & Chips which also has a convenient petrol station opposite so I filled up whilst waiting for food to be cooked. (Avoid the other chippy in the village as their food is horrible as I discovered one Monday when the good place was shut. I also got the same warning from some locals once.)

To eat the chips I go to a quiet beach 5 minutes away.

I like the Lincolnshire countryside as a change from other areas I ride, with large expanses of flat landscape and straight roads it feels very Zen.


I’d be happy to take a ride out that way too if you ever fancy a bit of company. Used to like the ride to Cadwell across the Wolds. :slightly_smiling_face:

A fine spot to eat Fish and Chips. Do you get any problems with Gulls at that location when eating as they do in Cornwall?

Gorgeous photos @BrownMouse - I considered the seaside today but chickened out when I realised it was the first day of half term and the weather was decent!! You’ve made me fancy fish and chips now, but they taste so much better on the beach…

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No problem with gulls there, if there are any around they’ll probably be at the beach in the village.

Thanks, but I like to ride alone, the freedom of deciding when, where and how fast/slow is a big part of getting away from things that I enjoy so much :slight_smile:

Looks like where I live in the Netherlands. Flat open fields except at the moment our fields have tulips growing in them

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I think they were made the same way, by draining marshland and using ditches, dykes and pumps to keep it that way.

Queue BMW joke…

Trip over the Cambrian Mountains to Strata Florida and Teifi pools me Mrs W and the massive topbox. Beautiful day


No fish and chips? :wink: Perhaps you wanted to put that as a separate topic under Rideouts? (Guess we’re all still used to the long catch-all ‘What have you been doing with you Triumph today’ thread from the other place…)


We had spam and mustard rolls, better than fish and chips and thats the Ceredigion coast in the far distance :disguised_face:


Here you go, beach and castle (Llansteffan) today.


How did you get all those dogs on your bike?

It wasn’t easy, you have seen my massive top box.

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Truly it is an impressive appendage.


My word that is a big one :joy: