Day tripper

“George, when I said we need more trumpet on this album…”


Blimey, George Harrison a biker. It’s taken me so long to find out…I’ll get my coat :rofl:

I am detecting a hint of sarcasm in that reply. :sweat_smile:

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He was only a Sunday driver anyway…

Well excuse me for taking so long to find out. But I found out.

That was my first bike, the one in the background that is :slight_smile:

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Lemmy tryin to convince me that Hawkwind was better than the Beatles. I was tellin him that people only went to see them cause of Stacia, he got the hump and rode off.
But, you know, ever since that day I sold the car and rode Triumphs :sunglasses:

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Being stabbed in the gullet, optional :slightly_frowning_face: