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I originally purchased my Dealer Tool in 2019 primarily to reset the service icon on my 2017 Street Twin but always suffered when using it as I always had to re-load the additional drivers to make it work. I wrote an email to Dealer Tool and had a response within 12 hours. I will attach the conversation to show how they are so helpful.

My email to Dealer Tool.

I currently have Dealer-tool unit Version 2.6 purchased in October 2019 and running HP Windows 10 laptop with Software Version 6.30a. I have always struggled using the device on my Triumph Street Twin 2017 and have to reinstall the additional drivers to access the Reset Service milage though I have achieved the end result eventually.

Would I benefit from updating the laptop software to the lates version 6.55 and/or change to the latest cable?

If you recommend a new updated cable can you advise me cost involved or if just update the laptop software the method required to do this.

Thank you in anticipation of your help in this matter,

Kind Regards

Their Reply.

Ok so our latest software is 6.57b… Its worth downloading and using but it will now solve the connection issues you are experiencing…

The software is in the link below:

So, the cable you have requires a particular driver to work… So you set the cable up and the cable will work fine… BUT if your pc has a windows update between using the cable, the cables drivers can be updated by the windows updates… This means that you have to then reinstall the correct drivers again before your cable will connect to your bike again…

We now use a newer style cable that uses different drivers… These drivers are stable against the windows updates Win 10 & 11 have, so therefor the drivers do not alter when your pc has an update… So as long as you use the same USB port to plug the cable in to your laptop each time, the com ports won’t alter and you should be able to just plug the cable in and use it…

These cables are £30 plus postage of £4.99 to UK… If you would like to upgrade to one of these cables, we can send you a paypal link for payment…

But there isn’t a need to upgrade because just reinstalling the correct drivers for your cable will get it back up and connecting to your bike again… I can send instructions for you to do this if you find it a bit mind boggling… Some people upgrade cables just so they don’t have to reinstall the drivers

Hope that helps

I think this deserves a very big BIG UP to Dealer tool for a comprehensive reply.


I agree. It’s clear, concise and gives you options.

Top marks to them :+1:

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Very good response and they aren’t actually pushing you to upgrade/spend money if you don’t want to. Nice one.

I just had a quick look at the Dealertool website and unfortunately the service indicator reset function isn’t available for the Speed Triple 1200 RS/RR or the Trident.

Hopefully that will change soon.

Can it be reset in the dash? Triumph seem to adding the function to the new models now, my street triple can be reset in the menus.

Follow up email from DealerTool after I thanked DT for their help.

No problem at all, happy to help

If you turn off the auto updates this will probably do the trick…

Here’s the latest instructions just in case you need them…

See the link below for the software, drivers for your v2.6 cable and the instructions file…

Now your driver can alter for 2 reasons… Either a Windows update has changed it or plugging the cable into a different USB port to the one you used during your cable set up will also update it… so allocate a USB port to use with your dealertool cable and use it every time you use the cable…

So after updating your software, the next step is to plug the cable in to your allocated USB port on your pc… Next download the drivers for v2.5 & 2.6 cables. Then, you need to go in through device manager and select the 2010 dated driver, from the list of drivers you have just downloaded…

After downloading the drivers, go into device manager on your pc & then click on Ports…

Under the ports section will either be a prolific driver or a phased out message showing…Click on the driver or phased out message, whichever is showing and a new box will open…

There is a “driver tab”, at the top of this new box… Will you click on it please. The driver date showing in this box should be dated 2010 but it is probably a newer dated driver, so click on the “update driver” button below…

Now click “browse my computer for drivers software”

Then “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”

Then in the box there should be an older prolific driver showing, dated 2010. It should be in the list to pick if the driver install saved correctly… Is it there?? If so click on it and press next. Then in the box it should say “windows has successfully updated your drivers” Close the box. ( If it isn’t your driver didn’t install correctly, so please reinstall them again and follow these steps again until you can select the 2010 driver)

Now once you’ve selected the 2010 driver, go back into device manager and click back on the PORTS (Com & LPT)

Now, what com port does it say next to the prolific USB to serial com port (Com **) Write it down, com port 3,5 whatever

Now click on prolific USB again and you will come back to the driver tab again at the top.

Click on it and the driver should show as 2010, if the installation has saved correctly… Does it??

If yes, close the box down. The drivers are now installed correctly

Now you just have to check that the com ports match so,

Now you need to open and run the Dealertool programme again, leaving the cable plugged in (don’t remove it)

Once you’re at the DealerTool main page, you should see at the bottom left of the page several pieces of info.

Is the com port number the same as the one highlighted above in pink

If yes, set up should be complete and cable should work

If not, you will have to choose the same com port number as highlighted above in pink…


At the top of the Dealertool homepage there is an options tab, click it.

Then a box will open up with a couple of com ports in it. Click on the same com port number as you noted down so they match and press ok

Now your driver is correct and your com ports match. Your cable is correctly set up and you can now use it.

This will get you back up and running



Useful information :grinning:

We used to get similar problems with Windows randomly assigning different com ports to the machine interface, even if we used the same usb port. Utter PITA…