Derbyshire in the sun

Today I have mainly been riding around Derbyshire on my Tracer with @Wessa on his Thruxton. We met up in Buxton and then rode to Hassop Station Cafe via Sparrowpit and had hot pork sandwiches with stuffing, apple and crackling with chips and a cup of tea.

We then rode on to Moneyash where we stopped at the Old Smithy for ice cream and a brew. It’s a popular spot for bikers and there are always some interesting bikes.

Then I went home.



I’ve only been once but Moneyash is a lovely little stop-off.

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Great to hear your getting out and about Andy. Hi Wessa.


Buxton on a Thruxton, how hi brow…Looks like Steve’s air vest has gone off…

How did you get on Steve, were you able to ride your PAJ without any probs?

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That looks cracking!!

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Yes a cracking days riding with @AndyPandy in the Dales. Me and the Thruxton covered over a 100 glorious miles today. I just love the roar of the big twin.
I must have rode past Jodrell Bank ( loads of times, but never stopped for a photo. It was looking glorious today in the sun shine.

I rode on up to the Cat and Fiddle and whilst there is an average speed camera zone it is still a lovely ride on the Thruxton. Mind the wind was blowing really strong from the east, which was bloody freezing.

We as Andy says rode on to Hassop station. We have been a couple of times before but never found the sun trap that we sat in today. It was so warm and a very pleasant place to enjoy lunch.

Onwards we rode to Monyash a popular biker stop off. There was a usual a variety of bikes on show.

Ice cream and brew sat in the sunshine cannot be beaten. After chewing the fat and viewing the bikes we headed our separate ways home. The satnav took me over the moors on a road I have only been on once before, it was a brilliant ride. I stopped for photo before heading for home.

A fantastic warm up before Andy and I head for France in May. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi James, I hope your are well mate :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Ade, yes I can manage both the new Tiger and the Thruxton without too many problems. Mind pain killers are the order of the day. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I came across something quite odd on the way home, between Chinley and Hayfield, there was a long line of traffic moving very slowly. I picked my way to the front on the fairly narrow A road. When I got to the front, there was a huge juggernaut reversing along the road. Very very odd. There were no turning places so i’ve no idea what the driver was up to. The traffic going my way wouldn’t pass him as the road was narrow and he was not going very straight. He was stopping when a car came the other way. That’s when I passed him. There was nowhere he could logically be reversing to. All very odd.


The world goes wrong.
You have a much better weather in UK than me in France!!
I still wear winter gloves and even had to ride under a shower today.
Nice pictures. It’s good to see that place is not only virtual :+1:


How very strange Andy. :slightly_frowning_face:

Reckon it was the crackling that triggered the airbag. :thinking:

It dawned on me overnight what must have happened. At the end of the road the truck would have come to a T junction where there is a very low and narrow arched stone railway bridge. He wouldn’t have been able to get his truck through. I reckon the first place he could have turned around would be the Lamb Inn which according to Google Maps is 1.6 miles further back. A long way to reverse a juggernaut on a narrow but quite busy country road.