DfT Road casualties Motorcyclists 2022

Some interesting points to dig through and maybe make a note of

KSIs (killed or serious injury) are trending downwards
Most casualties are not at junctions
Large numbers of incidents with no other vehicle involved (most involve 1 car)

I probably should look at the base data to get a few more insights into how age, size/type of motorcycle, other factors etc etc relate.

The big thing for me is that they don’t differentiate between motorcycles and scooters, neither do they split statistics between L plated riders and fully licensed ones.
That I think would give a far better understanding of where they need to concentrate their efforts to reduce accidents and injuries.


The time of day statistics are interesting. Given that most people don’t commute on motorcycles any more, would it be fair to say that more cars at peak times are causing more accidents?

The contributory factors also tell an interesting, if subjective story. The big number for non-motorcyclists who failed to look properly is notable. SMIDSYs. Most of the other figures are biased towards the rider with the exception of ‘poor turn or manoeuvre’. Is this basic poor vehicle control skills at play? Nothing about driving or riding under the influence.

I’d like to see a breakdown of the non-motorcycle vehicle type as well. Are SUV drivers less likely to be paying attention? Do Audis deserve their reputation?

I’ve had a quick look at where the base data has come from (the link is on the report)
This is how many billion miles are completed by motorcycles:

And, from another source, how many motorcycles there are in the UK

Compare, say, 2007 numbers with 2022, loads more bikes, loads less mileage.

There’s less accidents but are there less accidents per billion miles?

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