Diesel swamp donkey 😜

I’ve a customer a few streets away that’s collared me for some interesting work. He’s got an Enfield diesel and what a shed it is!

He wants me to make it with more ‘patina’ and change the industrial look to more vintage


Sweet… why not convert the diesel plodder into a gennie and power an electric motor for more power and better acceleration? Diesel gennies go back to the early 1900’s don’t they… :thinking::wink::smile:

Edit… put a sidecar on it, batteries in the floor panel… sorted!


That looks pretty good - always liked the military look.
Can’t imagine how slow it is though :grimacing:

Dried blood and a few stick on bullet holes, definitely needs gaitors.

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Gaiters is one of the jobs along with for shrouds and period headlight bowl. I’m just making an alloy engine casing side cover to dump the dumper look and make it more vintage bike. Taking a bit of time but it’s fun. There’s an air filter change too


That looks just fine to my eye. Why mess about with it?

It’s missing frontal suspension leg parts making it look naked and modern. It’s what the customer wants.

Paint the handlebars too, front lamp shell is fine, just needs the glass painted to leave an oblong peephole, reg plate on front mudguard.

It’s down to the owner for slosh on stuff. I’m doing the impossible!

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Have you seen the " doghouse" on YouTube customiser who works mostly with Enfields talented too.

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Put some pretend rust on it, like this one…


@3speedlowslowgo Not seen him although sounds interesting
@Iron yes seen that stuff before but it’s not meant to be very very shiny :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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