Disappointing ride to the Peak District

The forecast said sunny all day and above 20C temperatures so I decided to break my usual rule about not riding on weekends (with their busy roads) and head up to the Peak District for the day.

I set off at 9am with a chill in the air and hazy cloud blanketing the skies and though to myself, ‘it’ll clear up in a bit’. Unfortunately it hadn’t by the time I stopped for elevenses.

So I decided to console myself…

Suitably consoled I headed off again and was more hopeful about the weather when blue bits started appearing.

However as I got more north-west the skies greyed again and the roads became damp with puddles, demanding more concentration and caution. The final straw was after spotting fallen leaves amongst the damp mush on the roadside I came to a flooded section. Damn it, I ride in similar during the winter but this is meant to be an idyllic sunny ride!

I turned around in a grump and after a few minutes realised I was just following satnav to get the route over with and out the way, which is no good reason to be riding a motorcycle. So I found a spot where I could stop, contemplate and get my head together.

I tried to convince myself that I could enjoy a gentle ride and appreciate the day for what it was, but I didn’t succeed. I think it was the fact that my body already ached from the ride so far that kept bringing me to thoughts of just heading home, so I gave in to that and felt better for it.

The scenic (non A-road) route home was 90 minutes so there was still riding to enjoy, and half way the sun even came out and I stopped to take off my jumper. Now if only it had been like this 2 hours ago!

So, all in all, I felt a better for having gone out for a ride but it was a disappointing day having fallen well short of expectations,


It’s a shame you were disappointed - it looks lovely to me, but when you have something set in your imagination and reality doesn’t match up it’s never a great feeling. Hopefully your next ride will make up for it!

You got the cream and jam on the correct way round, so should have been blessed with a good ride. :wink:
Not for a while now, but I’ve had days where I wasn’t feeling it, just turned around and parked it, it’s usually for the best. And then the next ride you’re proper hungry for it. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


Absolutely, jam is the spread, cream the topping the correct and only way. (Didn’t make me popular though when I lived in Devon) :rofl:

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Hi - all looks fantastic, great bike too, I’ve just picked up my speedmaster after teaching in my T100 - can you tell me what you luggage set up is please, I’m liking your pillion bag.


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Welocme to the forum, @maplesyrup. :smiley: If you have a pic of your speedmaster pop it in the New Members area. Because we can never have too may Triumph pics. :grin:

Hi @maplesyrup, welcome to the forum!

The bag is a Saddleman R850. I have the OEM luggage rack and a home made wooden platform I bolted to that to offer support for the bag.

For touring I replace that setup with a larger QBag with some wood in the bottom for stiffness that I just bungee on, plus some Krieger throw-over panniers. (I have the larger size they’ve now stopped making.)

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As a form of catharsis I spent this morning giving the bike a good clean to remove the mud from my disappointing ride, then followed that up by a wax of the glossy bits. As I stood back to admire my handy work , the clouds parted for the first time that morning and in true Jake Blues style, I saw the light. :smiley:

No lunch at home for me. My faith had been restored so I grabbed a pasty out the fridge and saddled up for a relaxed and sedate pootle on country lanes to find somewhere to eat it.

This turned into a very satisfactory few hours bimbling around the sunny countryside. To emphasise how relaxed the ride was I got a record for me 74mpg over the 100 miles I did :slight_smile:


Thanks BrownMouse. The Saddlemans a great price. As for the Kreigers - well, I still want them!

Will do, and thanks for the welcome Octoberon.

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I think you’ll find the clotted cream is the butter and the jam then goes on top :nerd_face:

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That’s irrelevant, this is nice fresh cream not that nasty clotted stuff :smiling_imp: :wink: