If one were going to accompany a friend to see a car like this, what would be the advice, apart from “don’t buy that, you idiot,” unless that really is the only sensible advice to offer.

£615 a year road tax? That can’t be right, can it? Not a big fan of Land Rover stuff these days, read some horror stories with some models, failed gearboxes for example, see a fair few at the side of the road. But I’m no expert :slightly_smiling_face:

Make sure it comes with a VERY comprehensive extended warranty.

I bought a (not very old) Freelander a few years ago. I liked it a lot, but sold it before the warranty expired as very expensive parts kept breaking and without a warranty it would have been ruinous.

I think the old Ferrari adage applies - if you can afford to buy two then you can afford to run one.


It’s a lot of car for the money…

The trouble is you don’t know just how much money. The buying price is just the entry point……

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Case in point…

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Turn the pages in that autotrader to Shoguns or Landcruisers…


Can’t disagree. Some good Japanese tanks which l suspect would be a better buy than a Disco. Don’t remember what model he had but my old shooting mate spent some coin on his Disco. He gave up and got rid in the end :slightly_smiling_face:


As previously said by many, DON’T BUY!
Try and get a 3rd party warranty on that puppy and it’ll tell you/them all they need to know.

I’ve had 2 Xtrails a Shogun a Terrano and a Landcruiser, never had any trouble with any of them apart from a track rod end on the terrano.

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Turns out it’s just some one-man band selling the car. The address of the car was a flat on a new housing estate. The car was parked on a main road. The salesman (I use the term loosely) explained how the clutch had just gone and a few of the guys from the car wash next door had to push it round the corner or viewing. :joy:

He did not make the sale.

It’s not taxed either. I mean, what kind of idiot keeps a vehicle on a public road without tax… :laughing:

A lot of charlatans about, be careful out there :slightly_smiling_face: