Discounted Speed Triple RS - Save £2956


My dealer can’t seem to shift them, or the RS for that matter. I still think Triumph messed up, the RS should have had the semi-active stuff IMO. Saying that I got 2k off the superduke, and every electronic accessory add-on. That’ll be because of a new model looming.


I’m off to Youles on Tuesday with @Towner92, who’s going to take out a Tiger 900 Rally Pro. I wanted to try their Street Triple RS but it’s not available that day - I might see if they have a Speedy instead. Still never ridden one.


That could turn into an expensive trip :rofl:

Ker-ching! Just saying…


That discount is probably worth more than my bike :thinking:

Still don’t like the fairing, OR the exhaust, for that matter. Not a Speed Triple anymore, to my mind anyway. But to each his (or her… :laughing:) own, I suppose.

The semi-active stuff is brilliant on my Tiger. Love it. But then again, it was great in the mountains on ye olde Speedy without any electronic aids.


Not keen on the looks either, it’s a bad max of retro and modern. I wouldn’t call it ugly, but it’s not pretty either. Its not really anything when you think about it. Characterfulless? It does ride rather nicely mind!

I’m sure it rides nicely - it’s just that when I think of a Speed Triple I’ve got mine in mind… Still the best looking incarnation, I think.

They should have called it something other than a Speed Triple perhaps. Yours is much nicer, especially with those halo lights!


I beg to differ :smiley:(not that I am biased):grin:


As a previous owner of a ST 1200 RS I agree that the previous generation 1050 was a better looking bike, but the current generation 1200 is still amongst the very best looking super nakeds (although that’s not actually very hard).

Where Triumph has gone wrong I think is in making it too hard-core and therefore less suitable as a fast road bike. It desperately needs more compliant suspension to make it a better road bike.

I think the RR version has failed to find a market - too compromised as a comfortable road bike whilst not a proper sports bike. It’s actually a great looking bike in the flesh but falls between two stools. There’s some real bargains about if you can live with the compromises.


I’m here! Very much looking forward to getting on my first triumph experience. Hopefully the weather holds out aswell.
Update to come tomrorow…


The RR seems to be a bit like the R9t sport thing @stevelovatt had, nobody wanted them new so residuals were shoite and those that bought one didn’t keep them long. IIRC even though Steve put flat bars on it to try and address the uncomfortable riding position it still wasn’t for him.

Yeah that was the problem with the Racer. I did put on the AC Schnitzer flat bars but it still wasn’t enough. I had to remove the fairing and relocate the headlight back to the standard position and then go for 25mm risers.

I had no idea that it’s regarded as one of the most aggressive riding positions - apparently even seasoned sports bike-riding journos hated it!