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Hi Triumph,

Don’t know if many people here use discourse for forum community sites like this here site for motorcycles?

Have started to learn how this platform works, launched a site like this hosted by discourse about six months ago for a new little construction company I am launching, but so far has been really slow that anyone has wanted to sign up there only a couple people have joined (Dan from Nova Scotia and Simon from the U.K).

This seems like a fairly powerful and sophisticated open-source platform, didn’t even know this is open-source when launched site which they charge $100 a month for standard hosting, while there are less expensive server options for as low as $6 a month which is a lot more affordable but can be slower/not as good of service.

Anyway just starting this topic here if people have their own discourse sites they want to share, or I can post links for my sites if anyone wants to sign up for those. Intent is talking about construction/architecture professions + activism for new projects to build new communities in the Seattle region, + Canada maybe Europe one day.

Am starting small but can manufacture little houses that can be exported, and do design/consulting work. Have a minor degree in architecture from university, might go back for grad school in that one day.

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