Disgusting Short Sentence

What do you think. This barsteward could have killed someone here.

No previous convictions and nearly 70 woukd no doubt have worked in his favour, but being banned for over 3 years with an extended test if he wants his licence back means he’ll probably never drive again

Attempted murder, he got off light.


If some little scrote banged the mirror of my motor I’m not sure I’d be responsible for my actions either, consequences for actions is all I’m saying :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

To me, its not the individual cases, rather, the uncertainty I feel about whether or not there is a rise in this sort of self-centred aggressive outburst, or if there is simply a rise in the amount of prosecutions / reports due to cameras now being so prevalent. It seems like theres one a week somewhere.

Edit, F3ck he hunted him down, bad mastard.

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I’ve no problem with terminating genuine scrotes but we don’t know that the bod on the bike is a scrote.

Let’s hope we don’t get to that stage in this country.

He was convicted of Dangerous driving and obstruction. I’m not saying he shouldn’t have got a longer sentence as that’s a matter for the courts who have all the evidence before them which we don’t, but as usual there seems to be a vast difference in sentancing between individual cases. Attempted murder is actually one of the most difficult things to prove in a court, more difficult than murder itself and both the cps and/or the police clearly decided there was insufficient evidence to charge him with that offence… isn’t it

Small beer

I fail to see much difference between the one being discussed here and this one Appeal for man jailed for chasing would-be thieves closed after raising £170,000 - Wales Online and yet because he is a bike owner apparently, according to biking fraternities, he was right to do it and his sentence was unjust (as well as raising huge sums of money on Go Fund Me).
To me they both overreacted with the same consequence after the event was over, we can’t have it both ways :man_shrugging:

I didn’t hear anyone wanting it both ways, each case on it’s merits.

The title of the post says exactly that I think :man_shrugging:

I’m reading it differently

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You and moi seem to be on the same wavelength.

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