Displaying Pictures as a Slideshow

Usually, images are displayed in the order you uploaded (or arranged) them and presented one after the other, going down the page. With the slideshow view you can have a stack of images that readers can flick through using left and right arrows. It works as a corousel, so choosing the next image after the last one brings you back to the beginning. The slideshow is useful if you want to reduce the length of a post and the need for a lot of scrolling.

To create a slideshow of your images follow these stape.

  1. Click on the button to add the code to your post that will tell the forum to display your images as slides.

Some code will be added that looks like this:

<div data-theme-slick="1">

Add images

  1. Upload or drag your images where it says ‘Add images’, between the two other lines (tags). All the imagaes uploaded between those lines will be put in to your slideshow. It’ll look something like this:
<div data-theme-slick="1">



You can add more of these to your post if you want to have different sets of images.

Add and remove the images or change the order you want them displayed until you’re happy, then create your post. It may take a few seconds for the forum to set up your slideshow after you create the post so don’t worry if it appears not to have worked immediately.

It’s possible to have a mixture of single pictures, slideshows and masonry views in one post.