Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2024

Already thinking about May '24 now! Bottom half is sorted as Ive started wearing Pando Moto armoured leggings with normal clothing on top. Upper body will still require some thought but I’m erring towards my classic Belstaff Crosby or Mojave waxed cotton (armoured) jackets as I reckon that look should work with a shirt and tie underneath.

Nothing like a bit of early planning :grinning:rosby


I really must get my act together next year and stop saying, ‘but I have nothing to wear…!’. :grin:

If I sell the Guzzi in spring I won’t be doing next years DGR - probably taking the p*ss on a Street Triple or Transalp :rofl:

Not that bothered to be honest, done ten now and the novelty has worn off.

I’ve said this before - if the type of bike you ride is more important than the cause, they can feck off.

Holy Cr*p, not at that price :exploding_head:
Try these https://www.merlinbikegear.shop

If you mean the Belstaff I already have them - got them both at 40% off :+1:t3:

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