DIY tyre changing

Just ordered a set of Bridgestone T32,today, not sure if I will need them before or after my Scotland trip 1st week in June.
So to be on the safe side I got em now.
Usual place wont fit tyres you bring em anymore and its getting harder to find someone who will. Around here its a 100 mile round trip with your wheels (so in the car) to get to the nearest fitter.
Did think about starting to do my own, buying a bead breaker and a balancer, but the idea I will mark up my wheels always stops me.

Ends up, I will have to buy em from the garage, collect em, store em, then take them back, to get fitted when appropriate.
I like to have them before I need them. That way the bikes not ‘off the road’ any longer then it needs to be.
The price is very close to the same and around £15 a wheel, for tyre swap and balance so, just the same as I used to pay + hassle inc.


Ive been doing my own for a couple of years, its hard at the start! Takes a bit of practice before you learn a good technique. But now I can happily change them and balance them own my own with only mild swearing. Very little initial cost, 20 or 30 quid bought everything I need. Saying that I didn’t need to buy a bead breaker, that will likely cost a few quid but there are ways of doing it without one, none of them very easy I imagine.


I’m only supposing I’d need a bead breaker. Dont I?

This is what I have for balancing…

I have 2 spoon type tyre leavers and a handful of plastic rim savers, some wheel weights, thats it. Having a single side swing arm meant I had to make a couple of adapters for balancing the rear. I use soapy water as lube.