Dodgy Verdict?

I don’t think this biker got an unbiased verdict here. Yes, he was riding like a twonk but surely the car driver has a responsibility to ensure the road is clear before turning?

Obviously we don’t know all the facts involved though he was also riding with no insurance so things were never going to go well once the magistrates knew that. Now doing time for affray so looks like this wasn’t a one off.

Sounds like a fine upstanding citizen. Still think the driver made a huge error.

Driver could have waited, for a full view.
Instead he judged, that (at normal speeds), nothing was going to cover that distance, (he could see), in the time it would take him to clear the junction.
Then along comes a speeding rider.
The rider was illegal.
The driver was incorrect.


That’s pretty much what I think. Not condoning the rider at all but faults on both sides. You ride like that and you will get bitten.