Does anyone recognise this?

No, tell us more !

It’s on display in a hotel in London. That’s all I know!

Too posh for any hotel I have stayed in!

Googling ‘norton female racer’ gets the first hit as…

Please ignore this sentence as I’m adding it trying to get the forum software to accept this post as it’s complaining about it being too similar to the one I accidentally posted in the wrong thread.


I’m no expert in pre-war Nortons. The black and gold tank would be unusual for a Norton - more of a Rudge or Velocette thing, but probably just a bit of artistic licence.

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It’s a display in the Dixon Hotel, Tooley Street SE1. A trendy coverted magistrates court.
I think it’s a Model 18 Norton and is simply one of the hotel’s artworks that was created by Metall-FX to add to the trendyness.

Mr Google was my friend in this. I had absolutely no previous knowledge other than knowing where Tooley Street is and having met Michael Caine there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oops sorry, wrong model 18 it’s the earlier 1946 ish one

Silly me…over :slightly_smiling_face:


If anyone was going to work it all out…

Edit: My mistake, I thought she was staying at a Premier but it is indeed a Dixon hotel. I shall never doubt again. :slightly_smiling_face: