Dream Garage (with limits)

Ok, we have all fantasied at some point… so share with us your idea of a nearly perfect garage (if you have one already, hats off to you!) The strict rules are -
1). You can ONLY have the vehicles you list (you don’t hold onto what you have now unless you list it)
2). You cannot sell or exchange them, once you’ve chosen, they are yours for life.
3). You must complete all categories before you get any of them.
4). They must all be used vehicles, no brand spankers or “yet to be created/invented”

Categories are-

A) a classic bike (over 30 years old)
B) a daily ride (this will be your main, go to bike)
C) a sporty little number (doesn’t have to be a race bike but must be race bike inspired)

A) a classic car (over 30 years old)
B) a daily drive (this will be your main, go to car)
C) a sporty little number (doesn’t have to be a race car but must be race car inspired)

This is your ONE special vehicle, bike/car/boat/fighting vehicle etc. But it is that weird, “must have” that will give you so much pleasure!

Hope this makes sense, I’m thinking about mine and will post soon (pictures of you choices will give you kudos!!)

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Good game DCS😃
OK then…are you buying them for us?

  1. A Trident T160. Always wanted one as a kid
  2. My current Speedy RS. Love it!
  3. My first GSXR 1100,1987, black and red. Had so many fun trips on that :blush:

Do we really have to have cars?

  1. Can I have my Defender 90? It’s 1996 so nearly 30!
  2. Volvo V50. Had one a few years ago and was brilliant.
    Only car I have enjoyed driving apart from the Landy.
  3. Some classic Aston Martin

Exotica? One of those beautiful shiny wooden Italian boat things. Art :heart_eyes:


Vincent Black Shadow, thought about a Brough Superipr but didn’t want to be greedy
A 1 week old used GS so I still get 2 years 11 months warranty
An Aprilla Factory Tuono. Totally bonkers, delicious attention to detail and still relatively comfortable

A Mk1 lotus Cortina. Motoring how it used to be
A Toyota of some description because if I have to keep it forever it has to be reliable
An Aston Martin DB5 I woukdn’t even need to drive it to get enjoyment from this.


a) Honda RC30

b) My Sprint ST 1050 would do the job (picture of mine below)

c) Bimota KB4

a) Lotus Esprit S1 or S2

b) Any Subaru. My current XV is perfect, a Forester would be great too
b) A light car. Catherham , Lotus Elise, something fun

A pickup with a hard top and a roof tent to go everywhere


? Exotica, or you don’t get them… :face_with_monocle::joy:

This is an interesting and thought provoking idea so ‘thanks’ for positing (and posting!) it. I’ve tried to do this with a suitable amount of forethought but neeed to add a caveat - I haven’t included/listed (separately) the vehicles I currently own where I do own them (I own 3 cars and more than a dozen motorcycles) as I don’t want to sound like some precocious tw*t with more money than sense, especially as I don’t actually have much of either! Any more. :upside_down_face:

I suppose there’s also an element of security consciousness - you never know who might be listening in …


A) A (particular) 1965 6T Thunderbird in black over silver

The last year of production of the “soft” 650 twin. This particular model has an extremely important place in my affections since the guy who was my very best friend for a long time in my teens and early twenties owned a brand new one in 1966 and I lusted after that machine SO badly it hurt. My friend died suddenly and unexpectedly around 10 years ago and, though we didn’t see much of each other in our later lives, I do still miss him. One day I might just find the bike he owned and make it mine/ours!

B) My 1992 Trident 900. Owned by me from brand new and still in my possession but currently languishing in a storage facility because I can’t get my act together and my arse in gear to get my workshop tidied, sorted, fitted and kitted ready to take the remainder of my bikes.

C) A Transatlantic Trophy series, full works, BSA triple. I’ve got a ‘thing’ about triples (a quick count suggests I own at least 11) and these have to be the epitome of ‘old school’ engineering wrapped in a contemporarily modern ballgown but still capable of making all the right moves and mixing it with more modern machinery when required.


A) Triumph Stag with the original TRIUMPH V8. All the right looks; right noises and, of course, the right name on the bonnet. Make mine a bright yellow one, please … and, yes, it MUST have the Triumph NOT the Rover V8. (Ermmmmm … yes, I do have one.)

B) Vauxhall Astra G, 1.6 Ecotec Dual Fuel. My current daily driver. I’ve been a dual-fuel/LPG user for more than 25 years now, and have owned my Astra since 2005. I’d never willingly sell it, despite its age and appearance, and hope that it sees me shuffle off this mortal coil before I see it do the same.

C) Jaguar XK8 Convertible. Despite its contemperaneous Ford associations, the XK8 has that purity of design that speaks quietly of the notion that anything the Italians can do, we British can do equally well! A glorious 4.2 V8 with classic lines and every inch the realisation of the company’s motto “Grace. Space. Pace.”


Jaguar XJ220. This is the vehicle that should ‘cream your jeans’ just thinking about sitting in it!! Does for me. Not exactly universally liked. Not in ANY way practical, especially in this day and age. But, OH MY - just thinking about owning one of these makes my saliva glands go into overdrive and my wallet go into an irrecoverable stasis.

And just in case you’re not familiar :-1:

I’m pretty sure THAT qualiifies for ‘exotica’ … AND IT’S BRITISH (right down to the colour :wink:)!!

Do you need my address for delivery (of the ones that I don’t already own - I’m not THAT greedy!)? :laughing:

Nice read @adiep… my choices seemed to be influenced by thing I’ve read or watched (as in, not things I’ve owned)


A) another Vincent Black Shadow here


B) Triumph Speedmaster 1200… thought about the R3GT, but I think the speedmaster might be more versatile.

C) Dani Pedrosa’s Deus custom CR500 flat tracker

A) Duesenberg Model J sports… (Anthill mob anyone?)

B) Mitsubishi Delica (apocalypse truck)

C) Audi Quattro- the old rally version


Bell UH-1 Iroquois (Huey)


A) Vincent black lightening
B) Guzzi 750s (stolen 2016, bastards!)
C) Ducati 750 super sport

A) Morris Minor Van
B) Morris Minor Van with tow bar
C) Morris Minor Van with 1275 engine and disc Brakes. (I have zero interest in cars, they’re merely tools.)

Special. Panther M100 600 sloper, just because…


And as it happens I’m just restoring a split screen van for someone!!

I see we have one or two Vincent-fanciers here.

. Here’s a photo of my 1949 Series C Rapide, taken a few years ago when I had just completed its second restoration since I got it in the early 70s. It still looks much the same.
The only notable differences between a Rapide and a Shadow, apart from some black engine paint, are the compression ratio (6.45 and 7.3 to1 respectively) and the carb size (1 1/16" and 1 1/8" respectively), plus the 6" Shadow speedometer and some fins on the iron front brake drums. Most Rapides, including mine, have long since been upgraded with all these things (8:1 pistons in mine.), so don’t let yourself be conned into paying much more for a Shadow than a Rapide.
The performance was regarded as awesome in its day, and even now they keep up with the traffic quite nicely. The brakes (two per wheel) are a bit less awesome, but not too bad.
My Rapide’s first owner was Norman Brewster, the factory’s service foreman, and a later owner was Phil Heath, a well-known racer in the 1950s.


I was offered one for £12k many years ago…should have bought it. :joy:

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I got mine in a straight swap for my Velo Thruxton. The Velo was in much better nick than the Vin was, but I’d always lusted after a Vincent twin. Market value of both bikes was about £400 at the time, but my annual salary was only about £1200. Vincents are now worth about twice as much as Thruxtons, but I’m not sure that they are twice as good.

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Velo is another lovely bike.

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Yes, I had three at various times: a Venom, a Venom Clubman, and a Thruxton, and I’ve aiways had a hankering for another one. Unlike some I could name, my Velos always held togetther for long distances at high speeds, without seizing or vibrating bits off.


Here you go Dave, a guy local to me.:smiley:


There’s a guy round the corner from me rides one almost daily… it’s a joy to see him go by… I wonder if there’s a connection?


Could be. I know he has a regular runabout. His nickname is Tank as he is built like one! An absolute gentleman but I wouldn’t like to upset him😃


I’ve just looked at his website. He has certainly had some nice bikes through his hands.

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