Dumfries to Eskdalemuir

Oh, the monotony. Another warm, dry sunny day yesterday, when duty required me to take the bike out. It would have been ungrateful not to…

This time, I headed eastwards, through Dumfries to Lockerbie, then northwards up Dryfesdale and over the moors to Eskdalemuir.

At Eskdalemuir, I passed a Buddhist monk in maroon coloured robes walking along the road (as you do in these parts.) The Samye Ling Tibetan Centre is still flourishing.

Turning down Eskdale, the scenery was pretty stunning, especially past the hamlet of Bentpath.

By now, I was feeling hungry, so stopped by the riverside at Langholm to get my bike kit off and eat my lunch.

From Langholm, I headed south on the A7, and then turned off westwards along quiet roads by Kirkpatrick Fleming to Annan, where I joined the Low Road for Dumfries. There’s a nice view from the Low Road towards Criffel on the other side of the Nith Estuary.

Nearly home from Dumfries, I passed the sinuous curves of the River Urr winding its last mile to the sea.

Finally back home to wash the flies off and get stuck into half a pint of tea. 120 miles in total, and not a bad way to spend the day.


I moved this over to the rideouts category so I can feature it. Also, it’s a rideout. :slightly_smiling_face:


Absolutely stunning!!!

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I myself have just done the eastern side of that namely Moffat and below this weekend just gone.


In fact fancy having one of these in your front garden…

After an evening meal in the Balmoral hotel Moffat I stumbled on that!!


Last Saturday I posted my little narrative of my previous day’s ride to Eskdalemuir and Langholm. Sadly, today’s local newsfeed on my phone reported that, on Sunday afternoon, one of a group of riders crashed on the same road (B723) near the village of Boreland, and was killed. Police are investigating the circumstances, but say that no other vehicles were involved. It’s sad to think of someone going out for an ordinary Sunday afternoon pleasure ride like you or me and never coming back.

It certainly does happen. A few years ago I was driving to Glasgow on the A713. There’s a very twisty bit just south of Dalmellington, and I came upon an accident scene with a group of riders. One of them was doing CPR on the fallen rider, and it obviously wasn’t working. The rest were in shock. No ambulance had arrived yet. I never discovered the outcome, but it didn’t look good.

It’s a bit sobering when you think about what can happen, so you all be careful out there.

It does happen indeed. I saw on the news this morning the actor Treat Williams (71) was killed riding his motorcycle by a cardriver who hadn’t seen him. I always assume anybody out on the road is out to kill me.

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That’s also often a cause of trouble. Difference in skills, and people trying to keep up. Recipe for disaster… I’d rather ride alone, or perhaps with one mate (like @Wessa )


I think you’re probably right, Wim. Showing off or trying to keep up. None of my friends in this area ride bikes, so I always ride alone, but it suits me to always be able to ride at my own pace, whatever that may be at the time. As you say, one well-matched companion would be OK.

Exactly that. That’s what I like on my day to day, but especially on my “big” tours, Dave. Spirited when I feel like it, pootling if not.